The ASCC Group Modern Slavery Statement

Introduction to our Business

Australasian Solvents & Chemicals Company (ASCC) is an Australian and New Zealand owned and operated chemical distribution business first founded back in 1997 as Solchem. We have a long, highly esteemed history, known for being ethical, reputable and well respected within the chemical industry as a staunch supporter of manufacturing industries and therefore local employment. ASCC provides a wide range of raw materials to a diverse customer base right across the Asia Pacific Region. While our company is now headquartered in Singapore, our traditional head office has always been based in Brisbane Qld, however we now have offices in Melbourne (Australia), Auckland (NZ), Singapore, Jakarta (Indonesia) along with having a majority shareholding in Global Chemie, a chemical distributor based in Thailand. As of July 2019, we now also own a bulk chemical storage site, formerly Stolthaven Australia, at Altona in Melbourne.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision statement is moderate and restrained; “We Exist to Enhance Lives.” Whether it be our employees, their families, the people employed by our customers, our shareholders or those living within the communities in which we operate, our major priority has always been care for people. We care about their welfare, their wellbeing and for their achievements in life. ASCC cares about all people, wherever they live, always.

Our Mission states that, “We will outperform by exceeding expectations in our service and supply to the manufacturing industries.” We consider our dedication to outperformance to also apply to our compliance with regulations and in our equitable treatment of people.

Our 6 Core Values also reflect our philosophy of genuine care for people. Mindfulness, for people’s welfare and our environment, is one of our guiding principles that helps to shape both our policies and our codes of conduct.

 ♦   Innovation
 ♦   Mindfulness
 ♦   Professionalism
 ♦   Accountability
 ♦   Communication
 ♦   Teamwork

From our humble beginnings with a mere handful of employees in Brisbane in 1997, to today, where we now employ more than 120 people across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, our commitment has always been to inspire improvement in the quality of people’s lives, while also building a successful and sustainable company for the future.

ASCC Group Structure

Australasian Solvents and Chemical Company Pty Ltd (ASCC) is an Australian based company, which is part of a larger group of six companies, under a parent company of ASCC Enterprises Pte Ltd as based in Singapore. The 100% shareholder of the Singapore based parent company is Marstel Services Ltd of New Zealand. This Statement is made on behalf of the entire ASCC Group of Companies as a joint statement regarding our entire operations.

The ASCC Group of companies consists of the following business units:

1.  ASCC Pty Ltd (Australia)

2.  ASCC Ltd (New Zealand)

3.  ASCC Enterprises Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore)

4.  PT ASCC International (Indonesia)

5.  Taytonn Pte Ltd

6.  Global Chemie ASCC Ltd (75% shareholding – Thailand)

Our Operations

The ASCC Group of Companies are a materials distribution network across Asia-Pacific with no interest in or ownership of, any actual manufacturing operations. The materials we distribute are predominantly sourced from chemical producers based in Asia, with a smaller portfolio of products also sourced from the USA and Europe. In July 2019, ASCC took over ownership of an inland terminal and chemical storage facility based in Altona, Victoria which saw us retain most of the employees from the previous owner, Stolthaven Terminals Pty Ltd.

Our Human Rights Related Policies

ASCC has a Code of Conduct Policy that sets the framework for our expectations on how we as an organisation will treat people. This policy includes a section on Forced Labour which states; “ASCC does not tolerate any form of forced labour, including bonded, slave or compulsory labour, or the hiring of child labour under any circumstances. The minimum age for all full-time employment must be 15 years of age or the legal minimum age for employment, whichever is the greatest.”

Aside from the Code of Conduct Policy, the ASCC Group also has the following policies in place to support our commitment to The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact;

 ♦   Procurement & Supplier Risk Policy
 ♦   Whistleblower Policy
 ♦   Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
 ♦   Supplier Policy
 ♦   Recruitment Policy
 ♦   Code of Conduct for Suppliers
 ♦   Anti-Discrimination Policy v2

ASCC employees in all our regions of operation are expected to strictly conform with these policies and mandatorily report any failures to comply, with disciplinary action including written warnings or even termination of employment as potential outcomes for any failure to comply.

This policy statement was approved by the board of Directors on 17 August 2020 and signed by Graham Catley, Managing Director.

Australia +61 7 3209 7250
Indonesia +62 21 3970 0658
New Zealand +64 800 754 767
Singapore +65 6258 0424