ASCC Partners

ExxonMobil Chemical

ExxonMobil is the leading global producer of hydrocarbon fluids and key oxygenated fluids. Their long-term commitment to the fluids market is demonstrated by recent capacity expansions in Antwerp and Singapore and a revamping of their plant in Baton Rouge. From crude oil to finished product, ExxonMobil is fully integrated in the feedstock and raw materials required to produce fluids.

This control of the supply chain is an advantage that assists ASCC as the branded distributor of ExxonMobil Chemical’s Intermediates division in Australia and New Zealand. ASCC strive to provide our Australasian customers with the excellent product-quality, consistency and supply reliability that ExxonMobil Chemical is known for. You will find that ExxonMobil fluids are involved in the production of most everyday products. If not found in the end product itself, they will almost certainly have been used in upstream processes from which end products are derived. In assisting our customers, ASCC’s knowledge and experience can be tapped to ensure that the ExxonMobil fluids are safely and efficiently used to the benefit of industry, the consumer and the environment.

The ExxonMobil Chemical emblem, the Interlocking TM device, Escaid, ExxonMobil, Exxsol, Isopar, Jayflex, Nappar, Solvesso and Somentor, are trademarks of ExxonMobil Corporation.

Nan Ya Epoxy

By employing the latest technologies licensed from Japan, Nan Ya Epoxy have manufactured high quality epoxy resins since 1988. During the past two decades, their annual capacity has expanded from 18,000 MT in 1988 to over 300,000 MT per year, including two production sites in Taiwan (Shulin and Mailao) and one in China (Kunshan), to satisfy the growing market demand. To better service our customers with different applications, Nan Ya Epoxy keeps a focus on R&D and technology improvements. By using high-end instruments, our R&D departments in all three-production sites are able to ensure stable product quality and work closely with customers for any technical assistance and issues they may encounter. Nan Ya Epoxy also takes advantage of internal sourcing channels within Formosa Plastic Group to ensure quality, sufficient and on-time BPA and ECH supplies. Nan Ya Epoxy passed ISO-9002 in May 1993, ISO-14001 in October 1997 and Sony Green partner Certificate in July 2005 and will keep up with other environmental requirements, like REACH in the European market, to act as a social responsible global Epoxy Resin manufacturer.

Eternal’s Synthetic Resins Division

Eternal has two product lines – Synthetic Resins for Coatings and General Purpose Resins. The entire division functions as a fully automated production network, integrating multiple systems-MIS for system planning, DCS for product processing and AS/RS for inventory control. In addition to its state-of-the-art plant at Ping-Nan in Taiwan, the Synthetic Resins Division has two other manufacturing operations at Kunshan (Shanghai) and Zhuhai (Guangdong) in China. High and consistent quality and cost-effective manufacture has resulted in Eternal becoming one of the primary suppliers of synthetic resins in the Asia Pacific region. Eternal offers a highly diverse range of Synthetic Resins, such as: alkyd resins, acrylic resins, oil-free polyester resins, amino resins, phenolic resins, fluoropolymer resins, water & Solvent based Acrylic resins, Polyester Polyols, Resins for Paper Glaze/Paper Overprinting, Resins for Labels and Tapes, Thickeners for Pigment Binders, Detergent Builder, Epoxy Resins for PC Boards and so on. Additionally, Eternal’s strong research and development team enables it to satisfy customers’ special requests.

Eternal has also manufactured Unsaturated Polyester Resins for over 30 years, and has gradually expanded its production capacity to be the largest in a single plant in the Asia Pacific region. The division has been certified ISO14001 and a computerized production line enables consistently high production performance and product quality. The whole division has been recognized throughout the industry as a leader. Through a strong R&D team, targeted marketing, comprehensive customer service and a wide range of product types, the Unsaturated Polyester Resins Division has successfully exported to over 30 countries internationally. Products from the Unsaturated Polyester Resins Division meet stringent domestic and international quality standards, including Lloyd’s, DNV and NK. Unsaturated Polyester Resins have greatly contributed to advancements in the quality of life and material sciences. The Division is continuing to develop further the properties of Unsaturated Polyester, to create higher strength, higher solid content, lower viscosity and lower organic emission products.


In 2015, S-OIL was selected as Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World company for 6 consecutive years. It is the first case among oil refinery in the Asia-Pacific Area. At the same time, S-OIL is the only company selected to DJSI World from all domestic oil refinery and petrochemical companies.

Ever since its foundation in 1976 as the first lube oriented oil refinery in South Korea, S-OIL Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of lube base oils in the South Korean market.

The company has facilities that produce lube base oil, petro-chemical products, and crude oil refining facilities of 669,000 barrels a day in the Onsan Industrial Complex of Ulsan.

S-OIL has been firm in its position as the leading company in the lubricant market, reforming development and sustainable change after entering the lubricant business.

In February 2014, S-OIL appointed ASCC to market and distribute their base oil range within Australia and New Zealand.

Savita Oil Technologies is amongst India’s oldest and leading petroleum specialty manufacturer.

From its inception in 1961, Savita has pioneered a number of products for high growth markets and continues its reliance on Research and Development to deliver new products for emerging economies.

With the launch of bioTransol in 2015, Savita became the first organization globally to offer the complete range of Insulation Fluid Solutions – Mineral and Ester Based for the Power Industry. Savita is amongst the leaders in White Mineral Oils in Asia Pacific and provides the complete range of automotive and industrial lubricant solutions for the Indian market with its retail brand SAVSOL.

With over 54 MW of installed wind energy, Savita is proud to be the only Carbon Positive Petroleum Company in Asia Pacific.

In 2017 – Savita and ASCC formed a partnership to supply Savita’s products to the Australasian Market.

The partnership offers the complete range of Insulation fluids Solutions – Mineral and Ester Based for Power and Distribution Transformers under the TRANSOL and bioTRANSOL brand along with the entire range of White Mineral and Process Oils under the SAVONOL and TECHNOL brand series for diverse range of Industry applications. Other products marketed include the SAVOGEL series of customized Petrolatum’s and Customized Waxes and Emulsions under the SAVOX brand series.

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