Water Treatment

ASCC provides ExxonMobil’s Exxsol™ de-aromatised fluids to producers of polyacrylamide flocculants, for use in the coagulation and flocculation stages of water treatment throughout many industries.

Exxsol dearomatised fluids (Exxsol D80 and D110) are used by many producers to formulate their water treatment products, specifically in the coagulation and flocculation stages of water treatment.

Exxsol fluids demonstrate very low human and aquatic toxicity levels. They are considered to be readily biodegradable based on EU regulations. These fluids provide significant benefits such as:

  • high chemical and oxidative stability
  • inertness to enable predictable performance during the reverse polymerisation process
  • they are excellent carriers for the formulation of reverse-emulsion polyacrylamides

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